Men’s Sheds : What’s the big idea ?

  • A Men’s Shed is usually a larger version of the typical man’s garden shed.
  • It is somewhere to feel at home, have a laugh, socialise, pursue leisure interests and stay active.
  • It can be where a group of men work on projects of their own choosing or as a group going at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment.
  • It can be a place to capture and pass on skills and craftsmanship between each other.
  • The shed can also be a place just to come and sit for a while, have a chat over a cup of tea, or play a game of one sort or another.

To find out more about Men’s Sheds:

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  • For an introductory 4 minute BBC video called ‘Getting inside a Men’s Shed’ click HERE
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The Romsey Shed

After seeing the success of Men’s Sheds elsewhere,  Graham Gowman and two friends set up Romsey Mens Shed (RMS) in October 2015. Following a six-month search for a possible workshop and shed site, RMS Trustees were extremely fortunate to be offered an area within the grounds of Romsey School Academy. For the last two years, RMS Trustees and members have been working extremely hard to raise funds to allow us to obtain planning and building permission and then to build and equip our new facility.

Romsey Men’s Shed is now extremely pleased to say that their new ‘shed’ at Romsey School is almost ready for business!. The site consists of an area which was originally the garden area for the Caretaker’s house and which has now been landscaped, fenced and houses three buildings which initially form the basis of Romsey Men’s Shed new facility.

These buildings are :

1) A new workshop which has been fitted out with benches and a range of tools, mainly for woodworking (hand and power tools).

2) A new washroom/toilet for the use of members while working on site.

3) An original wooden shed which is mainly used for storage.

The official opening for our new facility is planned for Easter 2018 with a ‘Grand Launch Celebration’ followed by a week where the shed will be open to the general public and hopefully potential members!

For the last two years about 25 members have met weekly in a room at Romsey School (actually in the old caretaker’s house next to our new facility). We get together at around 10am to get a cup of tea/coffee and have a chat before starting the meeting at 10:30. The meeting is usually over by 12am.

The main topic of discussion in the meeting is usually design decisions and progress towards the shed facility (workshop, washroom etc) although we do our best to solve the world’s problems by discussion. We also get involved in local activities (e.g. The Mayor’s Picnic) and make things for local ‘good causes’ in our own workshops and garages.

How do I get involved ?

We meet most Thursdays at 10:30 in a room at the Romsey School, Greatbridge Road, Romsey. The room is in a building known as ‘Company House’ which is on the left as you enter the Romsey School site. We encourage members to walk or cycle but if you choose to come by car, there are parking spaces designated for Men’s Shed in the car park of the school furthest away from the main entrance.

If you are interested in joining us in this venture, please fill in the contact form HERE and Graham will contact you by phone or email.