Graham Rose's  Art Projects

Here are two projects which Graham Rose put together for his grandchildren. Both projects use a small number of materials and can be done by following Graham's step by step instructions in a number of  videos below. They are ideal for a beginner who is starting art for the first time and is looking for a quick and satisfying result.

Each video lasts around 6 1/2 minutes and you are advised to watch all videos for each project in full before starting so that you get a good idea of what it's all about. When you have mastered the technique following Graham's instructions, you can let your own creativity flow into creating other masterpieces for scenes of your own choice. 

The materials are available online from a company known as SAA (web site You will need Acrylic paints ref AITS12 (Cost £14.99) and Brushes SABS3 (£20.99) so a total cost of around £50 (including £4.50 postage).

Here are links to the two art materials items you will need:

AITS12 ... click here to view

SABS3 ... click here to view

Romsey Men's Shed are looking at purchasing a couple of brush and paint sets which can be used by members on a loan basis to avoid the initial outlay which might deter some from attempting the projects. Contact Richard Rose via Whatsapp for more details.  

Project 1 Monochrome Lake Scene

The result of this project should be something like this ...


Here are the two videos showing how to create this image.

Project 2  Coloured City Scene

The result of this project should be something like this ...


Here are three videos showing how to create this image