Romsey Men’s Shed is a UK charity formed to promote general wellbeing, continuing education and healthy lifestyles for retired men and others of similar interests in the Romsey area who are looking to use their time constructively and enjoyably. Local government, NHS health, and volunteer groups in the community have voiced a common concern over the absence of activities for older men and the resulting deterioration in their health and wellbeing. A lack of social interaction, especially after retirement or loss of a loved one often results in men becoming withdrawn and isolated from their community.

The Men’s Shed model has proven successful as a solution to this problem in Australia where there are over 1000 in existence and the concept is now becoming very popular in the UK with over 350 sheds. Wherever a Men’s Shed is present, there are proven benefits to the men, their families and local communities.

Our aim therefore, is to set up and operate a meeting place or collective “shed” in Romsey where older men (and others) will be able to share skills, actively pursue hobbies, work on community projects and have a place to go and relax knowing they are among friends. The benefit for the men will be improved self-esteem, a chance to learn new skills (and maybe practice old ones), combat isolation, improve social interaction and enjoy an active healthy retirement.