Welcome to Romsey Men’s Shed website – and if you like what you see, why not get in touch or come along and meet us at our Shed.

Men’s Sheds : What’s the big idea ?

We are a group of mainly older men who like to get together socially, work on practical projects or get more involved in the community. By working ‘shoulder to shoulder’ we aim to reduce social isolation and promote active and healthy lifestyles in later life.

Men’s Sheds are like a larger version of the typical man’s garden shed. They are well-equipped with workbenches and a range of machine and hand tools. Using their skills and knowledge, members work individually, or together on practical projects that benefit the local community. And for those who are happy to socialise, it’s a place to sit and relax, enjoy a chat over a cup of tea, or perhaps play a game.

The big idea is that a Shed is a safe, friendly, and inclusive environment to share old skills and learn new ones; talk about the issues and experiences that affect our lives; and build new social networks and friendships. It’s been shown that having a sense of purpose and avoiding social isolation has a positive effect on health and well-being in later life.

Sheds are intentionally informal in approach and welcome men (and some women) from all walks of life – whether from manual or knowledge working backgrounds – including those who can be the hardest to reach.

So far, we have worked on a range of projects that benefit organisations in the Romsey area including: nurseries, young people, food bank, riverside protection, local almshouses, relay marathon and more.

Men’s Sheds started twenty years ago in Australia and now number over 1000. In the UK, we now have several hundred with new ones opening all the time.

To find out more about Men’s Sheds:

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  • For an introductory 4 minute BBC video called ‘Getting inside a Men’s Shed’ click HERE
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Romsey Men’s Shed

Inspired by the success of Men’s Sheds elsewhere, Graham Gowman and two friends set up Romsey Mens Shed (RMS) in October 2015. We became a registered charity in (date) and began the task of finding a suitable site and raising the funds needed. With much support and help from The Romsey School we were offered a site by the former caretaker’s house just by the main entrance. We secured the necessary planning permission to build a Shed and succesfuully raised the money needed with generous grants from Test Valley Borough Council and the National Lottery, as well as a number of other contributions and donations.

Then it was time for members to get to work, first building a concrete base for the Shed a sitting area and accessible toilet. And once the pre-fabicated Shed was erected, they finished the fitting-out, plumbing, and electrics. Most recently, they built the workbenches, and installed a range of power and hand tools.

After 15 months of intense effort, the Shed is now ready and will be opened officially on 28th March, followed by a series of open days in April.

Until now members have met weekly for a couple of hours talking about many things – such as designing the shed, projects in the community, or topics such as modern technology, health, or putting the world to rights! The regular weekly meetings will continue, but now the Shed is open members will be able to get on with a number of practical work. And we are welcoming new members.

How do I get involved ?

We meet most Thursdays at 10:30 at the Romsey School, Greatbridge Road, Romsey. The room is in ‘Company House’ – formerly the caretaker’s house – which is immediately on the left as you enter the school site. We encourage members to walk or cycle but if you choose to come by car, you should be able to park in one of the school car parks or nearby in on-street parking.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the contact form HERE and Graham will contact you by phone or email.