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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the membership fees for Romsey Men's Shed ?

A. Normally £24 per year or £2 per month. 

Q. Do I need any DIY or other skills to join Romsey Men's Shed ?

A. DIY and other skills are very useful for our projects, but we welcome everyone.  If you would prefer to come along for the social events, or for chat and coffee, then that's fine.    

Q. Where does Romsey Men's Shed meet ?

A.  Our Shed is just to the left of the main gates of The Romsey School and we meet here for our workdays, special projects and events.  Our weekly Wednesday meeting (10.30 for 11.00) is in the Dr Peter Centre, Mountbatten Close, Romsey  

Q. What sort of Projects do you do?

A.  We've been involved in all sorts of projects for many local organisations that benefit the community.  Mostly practical they include making planters, refurbishing a play train, fixing shelves and partitions, and mentoring for young people.  We've also helped at a number of local events including relay marathon, Christmas celebrations, and the Mayor's picnic.  For a full list see our Documents page.

Q.  What age are the members?

A. We're mostly retired, but we welcome all ages from 18 to 80 (and more!)

Q What information do you hold on members?

A.  We keep a small spreadsheet of members' addresses, phone numbers and email for the purpose of keeping our membership records and keeping contact.

Q What is your connection to The Romsey School?

A. The Romsey School kindly provides space for our shed and we work closely together.  Romsey Men's Shed is an independent registered charity and separate from the school


Q. How do I become a member?

A.  If you’d like to  find out more about joining Romsey Men’s Shed, get in touch by emailing, leaving a message on  07707 484251, or through the contact page on this website.  We'll invite you in one morning come to meet a few of us - over a cup of tea, we can show you around, talk about what we’re doing and answer any questions.  We'll also invite you to come and try one of our weekly Wednesday morning meetings.  You'll find more information under Membership on the main menu.


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