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Our Story


Inspired by the success of Men’s Sheds elsewhere, three friends got together in October 2015 to set up Romsey Mens Shed (RMS). We became a registered charity and began the task of finding a suitable site and raising the funds needed.  With much support and help from The Romsey School we were offered a site by the former caretaker’s house just to the left of the main entrance gates. We secured the necessary planning permission to build a Shed and raised the money needed with generous grants from Test Valley Borough Council and the National Lottery, as well as a number of other contributions and donations.


Then it was time for members to get to work, first building the concrete base for the Shed, a sitting area and accessible toilet.  And once the pre-fabicated Shed was erected, we finished the fitting-out, plumbing, and electrics. The final job was to build the workbenches, and instal a range of machine and hand tools.  


After 15 months of intense effort, the Shed opened officially in June 2018, and is now in regular use. In 2019,  we designed, built and completed a social activities extension, and haven't looked back since

Members meet weekly for a couple of hours talking about many things – projects in the community, social activities and outings, or talks on topics such as modern technology, health, or local interest.  Our regular Wednesday meetings continue, but now the Shed is open several days a week for project workdays, social and games sessions.  And there are regular social and wellbeing events such as bowling, fishing and skittles.

How do I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to send a message by email or through our website.  We'll invite you to come in one Thursday morning to see the Shed in action, meet a few members and talk through any questions.  We also meet most Wednesdays from 11 at the Dr Peter Centre. It's off Mountbatten Avenue near Alma Road. Many members walk or cycle but if you choose to come by car, ask about parking.

Please           for the contact form and we'll get back to you.  You can also email us on or leave a message on 07707 484251

To find out more about Men's Sheds

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